Show any interest in the digital nomad lifestyle and you’ll know Southeast Asia is the mecca of working and living via a WiFi connection. This probably won’t come as a surprise to many, considering the region is famous for its affordable lifestyle – but there’s way much more to the region than cheap rooms and street food.

Asia is the traveler’s dream

High on the list of nomad priorities is the travel experience – otherwise, we may as well keep ourselves locked up in one of those nasty little offices. And that’s the biggest pull of Southeast Asia, for sure.

This cluster of countries is just about the most diverse and culturally rich pocket of the world. And that’s before you even consider the rest of Asia, which is only a stone’s throw away. China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and so much more lies just to the north.

There are business opportunities everywhere

Southeast Asia is a region on the rise and that means there are business opportunities everywhere you turn. There are emerging markets waiting to be tapped into, new areas crying out with real estate potential and nations full of contacts that can help you seize the right opportunity.

You’ll also find countless firms are on the lookout for international talent in the digital industries – perfect for nomads.

Southeast Asia is made for nomads

Okay, Southeast Asia was around long before the digital nomads set foot on soil here. But these countries are quick to catch on to what tourists want over here and it’s no secret nomads are flocking. From the tech hubs of Indonesia to Vietnam’s endless WiFi and the booming startup culture across the entire region, it’s hard to find a better setup for digital nomads.

The work-life balance here is… well, balanced

Perhaps the most important thing about nomadic in Southeast Asia is the work-life balance here. Most of these countries are still new to the consumer rat race – and although it’s starting to take off over here, there are constant reminders that life has more important things to offer. So, no matter where your ideal balance between work and life may be, you’ll find it here in no time at all.

And it’s just about the easiest place to get setup

Another essential – especially for newbie nomads – is that Southeast Asia is just about the easiest place to get setup. I’ve already said the place is made for nomads, but that affordable lifestyle also comes into play, meaning you don’t have to be earning a fortune right away. That’s a lot of pressure on you in those early days, allowing you to concentrate on growing your nomad business.

And that’s largely how Southeast Asia became the world’s digital nomad capital. There are plenty of other hotspots for nomads to check out, of course, and I would always suggest people try on a few places for size. But there’s definitely a pull when it comes to Southeast Asia and it’s firmly up there on the line.

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