We’re back today with a look at three more digital nomad careers and the resources you need to get started. Last time around we focused on resources for web designers, web developers, and freelance writers, so check out our previous post  if any of those careers takes your fancy.

In today’s post, though, we’re moving our attention onto affiliate marketers, online investors and travel photographers. So let’s get right down to looking at some of the best online resources to get these nomad careers up and running for you.


Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing can be a tough nut to crack – especially when you’re starting out. This is mostly because you have affiliate marketers trying to shove their industry secrets down your throat, for a nominal fee, of course. Essentially, good resources are hard to come by. But here are some suggestions genuinely worth checking out – some of which come courtesy of the guys over at AdPushup:

Learn the basics: Affilorama, BryanHaines, Sugarrae and AdPushup itself.

Finding affiliate networks: Rakuten Affiliate, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale and some general advice at Missy Ward and Smart Insights.

Tools to get started: WordPress for websites, Yoast for SEO plugins, Unbounce for landing pages, MailChimp for email marketing and Google Analytics for data tracking.


Online investor

Online investment has got to be the most exciting nomad career I come across. Sadly, it sounds like finding trustworthy resources is even more difficult than it is for affiliate marketing and I’m told there are scams everywhere. Here are some recommendations I’ve got from investors I’ve met upon my travels:

Learn the basics: Udemy, Stock Trader, Yahoo Finance, Investopedia.

Putting it into practice: Investopedia Stock Simulator, Wall Street Survivor, Market Watch Games.

Finding an online stockbroker: Forbes, Stock Trader, The Street, Investors.


Travel photographer

If you can produce top-quality travel snaps along your ventures, you have a number of ways to cash in on your best pictures. The obvious place to start would be selling them to travel magazines, but you may find the web is a more convenient place to cash in on your photography. Stock sites are the first place many photographers turn to, but you could also approach travel or related websites with an offer to supply them with images.

And, of course, you could always combine your travel shots with some writing skills and monetise your own blog or become an attractive prospect to various publications as a fully-fledged travel writer.

Learning the theory: Udemy, MatadorU, Canvas of Light.

Buying the gear: DPReview, Tech Radar, Trusted Reviews, CNET.

Selling your images: Alamy, Can Stock Photo, 123RF, The Photographer’s Market (directory book).


So that wraps it up for our second post on resources to get you up and running with your digital nomad career. We can’t quite run through all the nomad careers you have to choose from, or this would be a ten-part series. But don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want some recommendations for a nomad career you fancy trying your hands at!

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